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Kennedy-Englis(h) of LA, TN, AR, OK, TX

Looking for connections to my grandpa's family

The first picture is of my grandpa William Thomas Kennedy and it is his mom and dad's families I am researching. Allie Pearl Englis(my grandpa's mom) married Arthur Kennedy (my grandpa's dad) 26 Jan 1912. The photo page has pictures of my family members, some taken with people no one in the family can idenitify. Please check it out.

There are LOTS of pictures in my photo page and I may add more later

Beginning with the Englis(h) family....

John R. English was born bet 1811 and 1817 in LA. He had at least one younger brother named Daniel born in 1827. I believe their father was named John and if so, odds are that he was born in Tn in abt 1784. I found this info on the page following where John R. English is listed as living in AR Co Arkansas Prarie township census. In Phillips Co next door is John R's brother who is in the household of Sarah English (his mom). This has been confirmed by my finding the property record where John R. English bought this land in Helena for his mother and younger brother.

John R English and Daniel English had wives by the name of Sarah and this confuses my looking for the family by a lot. But I am not giving up.

John R. English had at least the children all b in AR: Cynthia, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Daniel P. Daniel P. English went by DP Englis for most--if not all--of his life and was born in 1857 in AR. In 1860 the family is in Van Buren Co Arkansas.

In 1900 John R. English and Sarah A. English are with DP Englis and family in Dallas, Dallas Co TX. My great-grandma Allie Pearl Englis was born bet 1 Jun and 14 Jun 1889 in AR prob Van Buren County. She had all brothers with the names and approx ages as follows...

Doyle P. Englis(h) b. Dec 1880 AR- d. Nov 1949. m. a Ruby. He died in Fort Worth TX after having lived there at least 20 years. The 1900 census shows him in Ellis Co TX as a laborer in a family he doesnt appear related to.

John A. Englis(h) b. 1882 AR- d. unknown. His marriage record is online in Haskell Co, OK in the McCurtain Geneological Society records. He lived in the Cartersville town at that time--the same town as my great-grandfather Arthur Louis Kennedy. He is also listed with the family in the 1910 Haskell Co San Bois township p.9 on ancestry.com

Joseph English (possibly also Thomas) b. abt 1884 AR- d. unknown. He is Joseph English in the 1900 census but Thomas English in 1910 unless I am mistaken. I know nothing about his whereabouts outside of census records.

William Samuel English b. AR prior to Allie Pearl. He married Loney Spencer (?) in Haskell Co, OK. Loney died in 1940something and "Sam" then married Mabel Workman. Sam had at least the children Elbert English and Annie Pearl English (perhaps named for Allie Pearl as Sam and Allie were close). Sam is buried in the Garland Cemetary, Stigler, Haskell Co, OK.

Zachary Allison English b. 1891 AR. He died in 1982 or 1983 in Bakersfield California. His nickname was listed as "Zeke" in one of the few pieces of info I had to find the family.

Hester L. English b. abt 1894 TX. I know little about. Just that it is a male with the family in the 1900 and 1910 census records.

Edward English has always been believed to be Allie's brother but I have not found him ever living with the family. He is in the 1920 census in a house nearby to Daniel P. and Lizzie Englis. His birth state is listed as AR

My great grandparents Arthur Kennedy and Allie P. Englis were married 26 Jan 1912 in Haskell Co, OK. Allie was from the town of Star and Arthur was from the town of Cartersville. Both were in the San Bois township.

9 Aug 1914--my grandpa William Thomas Kennedy was born in Spiro, Ok in LeFlore Co OK according to his WWII army records. By 1920 census, he is with his mom and dad and newborn sister Mary Frances Kennedy (who later married Mike Goodwin) in Crawford County AR--prob Van Buren where Arthur and Allie are buried in an unknown cemetary.

1921--grandpa's baby brother and youngest sibling Andrew Henry Kennedy is born in Hatfield Arkansas. He went up north pretty early on and died in Jun 1997 in Fulton IL. He had married Faye Lollisin the 1940s. Andrew won a purple heart in WWII according to his obit I found online.

My grandpa died 23 Jan 1977 after a massive heart attack. His own father Arthur Louis Kennedy had died at about the same age after a 3rd stroke. Allie Pearl Englis Kennedy lost her battle with liver cancer in abt 1958-1960.

Mary Frances Kennedy Goodwin died in abt 1995.

Andrew Henry Kennedy died of gangrene from a bedsore of the leg in 1997.

The Kennedy side...

Arthur Louis Kennedy's father is John W. Kennedy who descends from the massive Henderson Co, TN family of Kennedys. Arthur's mom is unknown as evidently she was John W's second wife whom he met while he wasnt near Henderson Co. Evidently John W came back with kids and no wife one year. Arthur's full sibs are Ila or Ola Kennedy (dont know who she married), Newburn Kennedy, and Willie P. Kennedy. Arthur also has several half siblings as John W. was married at least four times. John W. had several siblings himself that are easily found online as people have researched the family for years. John W. was living in OK still in the 1920 census in OK
I've recently found the maiden name of Arthur's mom (as well as Newburns and Willies and etc). It is Duck. A Bathasia Duck married John W. Kennedy's brother and she also died before 1900 as the unknown Mrs. Duck Kennedy did as well.

John W's dad was Isaac Kennedy who was in the Civil War on the side of the Union. He had a "hereditary lung disease" and received a disability discharge. Isaac had a twin brother named David and many other siblings as well. Their father was Hugh Kennedy and Jane Delaney their mother. Hugh had a brother named Robert. The line that the extended family knows ends there as that is abt the time the family came to Henderson Co TN for the first time.

In case anyone finds this...

A VERY ecstatic Andrea Thompson Rowe is now able to report that the final goal I had in geneaology to be able to be happy with what I now have has FINALLY BEEN FOUND! :) After 4 1/2 years, that's pretty darn cool!

My great-grandfather Arthur Louis Kennedy was born Jan. 15, 1887 in Tn and died at age 65 years, 19 days on Feb. 4, 1952 in Van Buren, Crawford County Arkansas. His burial followed at Gill Cemetary in Van Buren Arkansas in an unmarked grave. His death was of a cerebral hemorrhage of one day duration.

My great-grandmother Allie Pearl Englis(h) Kennedy was born on Jan. 11, 1889 in Van Buren County Arkansas and died at age 69 years, 3 months, and 2 days on April 13, 1958 in Booneville,Arkansas at my grandpa William T. Kennedy's home. Her burial followed at Gill Cemetary in Van Buren Arkansas in an unmarked grave on April 14, 1958. Her death was due to a horrid and 6 month long battle with colon cancer.

Some day, when I am out of college and established enough to even possibly do so, I am going to get a marker for my great-grandparents and for Allie's dad and probably her mom who are also buried at Gill Cemetary as well as for my own grandma who died in 1998. I come from a VERY humble background and apparently no one has been able to afford to do so or has not realized the graves have been unmarked all these years. Regardless of the reason, what is in Gill is just their human remains but still, I'm the great grand-daughter and great-great grand-daughter and I honor the grandparents I never met. I can't wait until spring break, after 4 1/2 LONG years I may very well be able to be the first descendent from my grandpa's line to place flowers on the graves of my great and great-great grandparents in honor of them.

This is SO what geneaology is all about!

Contact ME

My email addresses that are stable are: ajt11945@student.astate.edu and andreat6777@hotmail.com, webmaster@Kennedy-Englishfamily